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3Y0I Offer Rejected

In ARRL News yesterday, it appears the 3Y0Z Team rejected our 3Y0I offer to combine efforts in activating the most remote island in the world – Bouvet.

ARRL News Article Here:  3Y0I Bouvet DXpedition Invites 3Y0Z Team to Join Forces

“The 3Y0I Bouvet Island DXpedition team this week publicly invited the members of the ill-fated 3Y0Z team to join forces as part of “rebooted preparations” for the venture, but 3Y0Z team co-leader Bob Allphin, K4UEE, told ARRL that his group has other plans.”

And for us, the Rebel DX Group – that reply is just fine.  We originally planned to “go it alone” so there is no gain, nor is there any loss in their reply.  Nothing has changed as far as we are concerned.

At the request of the 3Y0Z Team last year, we cancelled our Bouvet 2017 plans, even took down this Website so not to confuse anybody with concurrent DXpeditions.  We stepped aside as we were asked.  But something we never did (for selfish reasons) was to quit on the idea of Bouvet altogether, because at that time we felt there was no better than a 20% chance 3Y0Z and their plan would succeed.  Our thoughts then were the same as now, “bigger is not always better”.

So back with our original plans – forward the Rebels go!  The RebelDXGroup.com Website is back.  The Bouvetoya.org Website is up, and our plans for Rebel Oceana DXpeditions this Summer are underway, same for Bouvet!

See you in the Rebel pileups!

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