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Rebel DX Group Membership“Members Only”

“Membership has its privileges – don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

A limited $199 “Charter Membership” to the Rebel DX Group now available!

ALL Rebel DX Group “Members Only” may request anonymity and we will honor that request. Please leave us a note in the PayPal box with your Callsign and/or your special request, thank you!

“Members Only” Roster (updated September 11, 2018):

N0UN – Wayne Ordakowski
N5MOA – Tom Denio
N2AJ – Steve Hass
KY6R – Rich Holoch
Anonymous (Rum Drinker)
DJ8NK – Jan Harders
K0BYN – Jim Benine
KA1R – Matthew Power
Anonymous (Rum Maker)
W9CN – Mike Pappas
W6HB (E51DLD) – Doug Dowds
TG9AJR – Juan Munoz
DL4KQ – Frank Rosenkranz
CT1IUA – Miguel Silva Gonçalves Martins
CT1FCX – Pedro Ferreira
CT1APE – José Brilhante
KD0PO – Raymond Smith
HK3W – Siso Hennessey
LA3MHA – Morten Nordby
AL7TC – Terry Clark
JA1BK – Kan Mizoguchi

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