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Welcome to our lil’ piece of cyberspace.

Right off the bat we’d like you to know a few things about us.  Some in the hobby of Ham Radio have called us “Rebels”.  We don’t deny.  They say we are a “disruptive force”.  We don’t deny.  They’ve told us, “you can’t do it that way”.   We’ve proven we can.  The Rebel DX Group doesn’t look for trouble, but we can assure you we don’t run from it either.  We’re a Band of Rebel Brothers that seek out non-traditional ways to bring the Ham Radio Community contacts from far away places.  We are constantly on the lookout for new and cutting edge operational and funding possibilities.  We think, “out-of-the-box”.

Our Mission Statement is simple:   “To activate rare and semi-rare DX locations with quality Ham Radio Operators from around the world.

Have you worked Rebel DX Group Member Mek?  Surely you have.  Take a look at Mek’s Website at  There’s too many lightweight DXpeditions to count!  How about our Captain, Dom 3Z9DX?  You remember his last three, TI9 Cocos, P5 North Korea and T3 Central Kiribati?  You can check out Dom’s information and credentials on his 3Z9DX Website.  Let us introduce to you Rebel DX Group Member Les, SP3DOI.  You may know Les from his operations as: TJ3SP, TJ3FR, VU4AN/*, VU7RG, VU7MY, 9U0A, VP6DX, 3XY1D, A35YZ, E51M, 1A0C, D64K, H44G, XR0ZR, 4S7DFG, 4S7FRG, 4S7LXG, T31T and others.

Impressive isn’t it?  World Class Rebels, and that’s just a few of them.

Maybe you’d like to help fund (as a donor or investor) some of our Rebel DX Group DXpeditions?  Maybe you’d like to become a Charter Member of the Rebel DX Group?  We’re betting many Hams may wish to participate in a DXpedition, but don’t know what to do to get started, contact us – we can help.

As our site evolves, please check in over the next few days/weeks/months because we have some big news coming.  We’ve never been keen on “announcements”,  but now that we have a Website, we may start using it for items like that.  In the right and left columns you’ll see pertinent information for DXers.  Three separate DX News Feeds, Solar Numbers, etc – even an email signup so you get an email when the Rebel DX Group makes a new post.  We’re building this Site to be a one stop shop for all things DX.  A Website built for DXers, by DXers.

There’s a stiff wind sweeping the DX Community, jump aboard Rebels, let’s sail!

See you in the Pileups!

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